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Contact Us

Ruixin Environmental Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 0086-371-55001816
E-mail: sales@pyrolysisplant.net  
Skype: RESEM.pyrolysisplant
Trade Manager: SQRUIXIN
Contact Person: Mr. Wang (Sales Director) 
Address: East of Huanghe Road,Shangqiu City,China

With more than 15 years professional experience in pyrolysis plant, we dedicate ourselves to creat wealth for you! You can contact us online or send e-mail to
sales@pyrolysisplant.net to order RESEM product.
We are always ready to listen to your opinion. Please choose the most suitable for your questions or comments.

When we get your information, we will contact you within 24 hours. At this stage, our sales man and engineer will identify all details with you and help you find the best solution together.

After good communication, both the design that meet your requirements and the best price that we can offer you will be show you. If there are not any problems, OK, we can sign the contract.

Shipment & Installation
We will produce all machines that promised you in the contract for you and arrange the shipment when they are ready. Also, our engineers will be dispatched to your country to help you install the machine until the plant work well.