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Quality & Safety

  1. Project manager system.
  2. Standard procedure and practice of EPC concept.
  3. Training staffs the concept of ‘win by quality’.
  4. Persistent staff training.
  5. Using standardization management for designing, purchasing and constructing link.
  6. Steady supply chain, powerful manufacturing capacity, external cooperation partners formed through many years.
  7. Business administration training provided by Fudan University makes our team more reliable.
  8. Perfect management for after-sales service.
  9. After-sales service, which RESEM insist on providing for customers, mainly contains:

1)24-hours service hotline
2)Expert engineer answers within one hour
3)Product follow-up service
4)Reminding service for product service life
5)Recall service
6)Maintaining and replacing service
7)Product accessories gallery
8)Customer archives database

1. Design safety
We design according to the national standard and regulation, and then proceed sufficient safety review for design paper. We guarantee that safety facilities and major facilities simultaneously design, simultaneously construct and simultaneously come into use.

2. Manufacture safety
As an enterprise with years of manufacturing experience, RESEM adequately understand the importance of manufacture safety to design factory, therefore our equipment manufacturing process is under the management of safety manufacture regulations from beginning to end.

3. Construction safety
RESEM’s construction team owns sufficient on-site experience and steady personnel allocation. Under normative management, RESEM is still keeping a record of ‘zero accident’.

4. Production safety
To maintain owners’ production safety, we provide safety information, safety training, safety facilities, emergency preparedness, safety warning and so on. We try our best to guarantee the projects ,which we are responsible for design and implement, keep the state of safety production from the beginning to end.