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RESEM has served ten years in more than 80 countries worldwide to customers, and has accumulated a wealth of experience, especially in the service international customers during temper demanding quality of service. In addition to the customer service, other subsidiaries of RESEM’S departments through a sophisticated mechanism system and salesgirl cooperate each other; therefore, every employee understands the importance of customer service.

RESEM will provide you with the best quality and convenient services in the pre-sales, sales and after-sales.

Pre-sale support

Customers can online consultation, telephone consultation, e-mail consultation and other means (7X24h service), to ask what kind of equipment or services, and then staff will check with our professional engineer and reply you with detailed information you required. According to customers' different requirements, RESEM’s engineer advises customers to choose the right product model, to determine product specifications, production processes, product technical parameters and delivery deadlines. As for EPC (engineering, purchasing, and construction) projects clients, engineers will be in accordance with customer demand for project planning and design, as much as possible for customers to save cost and time, improve efficiency until fully meet customer demand.

Services during the sale

Making the equipment production plan according to the contract of both sides and starting the sale service procedure. After confirming the equipment information, handing over to the production department, our factory begins to manufacture the equipments. During the manufacturing, the salesgirl can make some suggestion for the design according to the detailed conversation with the customer or different raw materials…Also customer can reflect his special requirements to salesgirl, such as for some small changes during manufacturing.

During purchasing the accessories, salesgirl will ensure that the purchased parts models, such as size, specification etc. to meet the customer’s requirements, in the meanwhile, the salesgirl should timely communicate with customers for the parts we cannot make sure; also focus on the purchased parts and components meet production requirements.

During production time, the salesgirl should check the production condition and feedback to the customers to make sure we can deliver the goods according the contract lead time. 

As for the product quality, the salesgirl will concern the quality of the product in the whole production process, for nice looking equipment, technical process meets the requirements of the drawings, and mechanical, electrical aspects are reasonable and so on, then she should communicate with the production department to avoid any trouble in the future.

In addition, the salesgirl will give the customer User Manual before the goods arrival. After the completion of production equipment, salesgirl will participate in the work loading before shipment, together with QC, strictly control the product quality.

After-sales service support

After making sure the customer received the goods, starting the after-sales service, including installation, commissioning and maintenance.

First, in order to provide good service to customers and regulate the salesgirl after-sales service behavior, RESEM established the customer service management system for effective supervision and management the entire service.

Second, the customer will be revisited through telephone by our salesgirls within 24 hours after installation completing; the salesgirl will check whether any difficulties as well as any other failure during the machine running and give some suggestions to solve the problems and tell our customers, after the equipment installation is successfully completed, the equipment should be maintenance regularly.

Third, if the equipment or parts need to be repaired and the situation is relatively simple, it is possible to be quickly resolved by telephone guidance, and then register the detailed. Once any parts need to be replaced or other important issues, RESEM customer service dept. will promptly arrange the technician to solve it. 

Finally, the product quality, the feedback information and experience which are got during after sales service and so important to RESEM, we already understood; therefore, RESEM establish the after-sales service system, make a good record, keep well the service files; RESEM service team quality will continue to improve and strive for the best.