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Why Choose Us?

Why us:
  1. Experience of establishing 395 pyrolysis plants, we propose to establish 500 pyrolysis plants around the world by 2014
  2. Pioneer & Leaders in manufacturing, supplying and installing pyrolysis plants
  3. Timely delivery of machinery and quick instillation
  4. Proven and time tested technology
  5. Environment friendly processes and extensive use of green technology.
  6. Safe: No charcoal leakage, no smell, no hazardous emission, no health hazards to factory workers
  7. Raw material flexibility: both plastic and tyres can be used
  8. “ISO 9001:2008 Certified” professionally managed organisation
  9. The only one who has got EPA certificate from USA and EU Union
  10. Complete turnkey solution: machinery manufacturing, supplying, installation, commissioning & 1 week to 1 month on site training
Our Mission:
  1. Establish industries with the most efficient machinery and technology for converting global polymer waste into usable fuel
  2. Achieve excellence in project management, operations and safety
  3. Create value and make difference
Our Vision:
  1. Teamwork: Work as a team wherein people are motivated to be the best they can be
  2. Learn: Get necessary knowledge and skills to improve performance
  3. Result oriented: Be a highly quick, effective & focused at work
  4. Cost effective: Develop cost effective solutions to cut down expenses and increase company profit
  5. Evaluation: Performance evaluation to be conducted in April and October every year to set & review individual performance goals
Our values:
  1. Team player: work with colleagues, suppliers and clients to get results
  2. Discipline of execution: We get things done, make things happen
  3. Integrity: Be real
  4. Accountability: If it is to be, it’s up to me
  5. Passion: Committed to company in heart and mind
  6. Quality: What we do, we do well
  7. Inspire & Respect: Inspire and respect team mates
Work smart:
  1. Act with urgency
  2. Have courage to be flexible when needed
  3. Plan, maintain ‘to do list’ every day
  4. Be hungry for achievements